HipHop&Freestyle Intermediate

Flow and Connect Your Moves to the Music

By connecting dance moves and steps using the whole body, we will work on combinations. You will learn to incorporate overseas street dance theories, and learn various expressive powers by changing levels, adjusting power and calamity , and speed.

Incorporate Other Dance Styles

Learn moves, foundations, and muscle control from different styles, like popping, and house, to incorporate into hip hop freestyle. For example, adding hits and waves from popping, as well as house footwork will give dancers more texture to their freestyle.

Hear Different Sounds of the Music

Learn how to hear and dance to different parts of music rather than the basic beat. Songs have various sounds and instrumentals within them. By dancing to those different sounds, dancers can further express the music at a higher level.

Let's improve our dance steps, listening ability, and continue to share and grow with each other!


  2. HipHop&Freestyle Movement&Technique

  3. Rhythm Dance for Beginner

  4. HipHop&Freestyle Basic

  5. HipHop&Freestyle Intermediate

  6. HipHop&Freestyle Advanced

  7. Afro House