Rhythm Dance for Beginner

What's Rhythm Dance?

This is a perfect beginner lesson for children who have started to become interested in dancing in school classes and want to adjust to the atmosphere of dance lessons before beginning classes. If your child loves dancing but is still young, don't worry. We can enjoy expressing the rhythm with our bodies and the comfort of moving to music.

Beginning of the Lesson

This is a 45minute, highly energetic class will even make the shyest of kids want to participate (although depending on the kid, it might take a few lessons before they completely open up). We start with basic stretching, a quick adrenaline warm up, isolation practice, and catching beats and rhythms with their bodies.

Muscle Memory

After a quick water break, we go over very basic choreography; i.e. basic steps and clapping on beat. This way, the students will build muscle memory. After practicing the small choreography, we finish with our ever-so-popular "Ninja" performance practice. Students will learn the fun and creative choreography of our FSDA "Ninja" showcase. Even our two year old enjoys this lesson!

"I made this class in hopes to provide a fun environment for kids who are curious about dancing. There are many schools who offer kids lessons, but have more of a school-like environment. Street dance is about freedom, so I want to push for an environment that the students can enjoy!" -Prince L.O-3


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