GROWTH 大成長の年!クリスマスファンタジー ’19ラストパフォーマンスChristmas Fantasy 2019

On Christmas Eve, we collaborated with Splash MJJ Dance studio to perform at the Christmas Fantasy event at the Okinawa Zoo!

This was a special day, because we were able to show how much we’ve grown as a studio. When we performed last year, we only had 7 members. This time, we performed with 26 members! We almost quadrupled our members since FSDA began! I think that’s pretty insane!

After the performances, the kids were able to enjoy the festivities the Christmas Fantasy event had to offer. I was pleased to see how much fun everyone was having with their families. Unity, smiles, and having fun is what the spirit of Christmas is all about!

Thank you everyone for all your support over this last year. We couldn’t have gotten where we’re at without it! Next year we’ll continue to push forward, on the path to becoming the best versions of ourselves through dance.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

クリスマスイヴの日、SplashMJJ Dance Studioさんと一緒に、沖縄こどもの国のクリスマスファンタジーに出演しました!






~Prince L.O-3



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